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About Me

Andy out with his camera

I'm a hobby photographer based in the North East of England, though travel as much as money permits around the country to shoot new things.

I like to do a variety of photography but my favourite is military aircraft. Whether it be at airshows, at the fence of an air station or up in the fells catching them low flying, I'm happy. Of course I love a fast jet, but I have a real soft spot for a "big bird" & you can't beat a bit of quality prop blur!

Elsewhere you'll find me most often photographing steam railways & motorsport. I'll also dabble in a bit of landscape, urban, nature & I love a piece of quality engineering.

I currently shoot with a Nikon D7200 with a variety of lens. The photo pages show the equipment & settings used for each photo. I have a Siriu tripod & monopod which i can highly recommend!

I hope you like my work!


Thanks to Jack Sage for the photo of me above!


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